August 2008 - MONTREAL Brunch and Breakfast
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Persian Delight on Laurier

The 411

Nestled on Laurier close to Papineau, Byblos is a trip to another place and time. Serving up some amazing Persian dishes, Byblos offers great food with an equally great decor.

At 1st glance

Although the outside is quite nice and is rather unique I keep almost missing it every time I go by, but once you walk in you will be taken aback by how amazing the inside is. It’s not a modern interior but rather a Persian style place with nice wood doors, a bookshelf with books in it that you can grab and read as well as amazingly decorated walls, banquets and pictures on the wall that take your breath away. If you require wheelchair access this is one of the few places downtown that has it; there is an entrance on the side of the building (the front has a small lip) and the washroom are wheelchair accessible as well. (more…)



UPDATE Feb 11 2009

Serre Picasso has closed its doors, for more information on this check out a special post on it here.

Kicking it old skool

The 411

All the way in NDG on St Jacques street, surrounded by motels and next to a strip joint, Picasso’s is one place you would never consider walking into; unless you are using one of the other 2 fine establishments previously mentioned, or you are familiar with the legend that is Picasso’s. Any Montrealer at one point or another has heard of Picasso’s with its 24 hours, 7 days a week breakfast for a fair price. It is a veritable landmark where people will come in at all hours to eat and it’s one of the few places in the city where you can eat breakfast at 3 A.M.

At 1st glance


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