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Cafe Névé

Café Névé – A great local secret around the corner

The 411

There is a little café on Rachel street with a reputation for great coffee, a laid back atmosphere and reliable WiFi. Right at the corner of De Bullion and Rachel, this unassuming little place welcomes you in with its particular laid back vibe. With its sofa up front near the large window and, scattered tables where students can study and do group work Café Neve really offers that community experience. When my friend suggested I join her and get the Névé experienced, I couldn’t turn her down. I had heard about Névé before, mainly for its great coffee and decent prices, so when I found out that they offer breakfast, I had another reason to go.

At 1st glance

When you walk in you can pick one of the many tables available. This place has people in it at all times but you always manage to find a spot. Once you get a table, you take a look at the menu and have to go up to the counter to place your order. You can pay before or after and they give you a number to put on your table so someone can bring it to you. The kitchen is wide open and visible. It’s quite small and not that fancy but they do put out some really good food.


All prices on the menu are tax included. They have some classic breakfast dishes like eggs, waffles, eggs Benedict as well as some healthy items such as salads and sandwiches. The breakfast menu is one page and they have a morning/lunch menu which is not really brunch but some items can work if you are vegetarian or if you like a breakfast sandwich. They do coffee art in some of their coffees and their latté ($3.00/small) was quite tasty. Sadly, there are no free refill on their regular filter coffee but the meal prices are decent so you still don’t spend that much in the end.

  • Toast bread, English, muffin, bagels ($1.50) ($2,75 with cheese)
  • Poached eggs ($1.75) ($2.75 for two)
  • 6 varied eggs dishes ($5.50-$8.75)
  • 2 health options ($5.00-$7.00)
  • 4 waffles ($8.00)
  • 6 Sandwiches ($5.25-$6.75)
  • 2 Wraps ($6.00-$6.50)
  • 2 Salads ($8.00)
  • My friend started with an oatmeal cookie which is really tasty and comes with large chunks of chocolate chips. She ordered the Focaccia Matinale ($7.75) which is two poached eggs, Swiss cheese, pesto, bacon and roquette. This was a sandwich on a nice tasty bread with a generous amount of pesto and wonderfully poached eggs which did not break up and become all runny. My friend held the bacon but the sandwich was still tasty and filling without it.

    I ended up having the Huevos Rancheros ($7.75) comprised of two poached eggs on a bagel, Swiss cheese, tomato salsa and jalapeno peppers. I really liked this dish because the salsa was not at all acidic which is important for a morning dish. I did not notice too much heat with the peppers although, I have been getting much more immune to spicy stuff over that last two years. The bagel was fresh and tasty and the taste was present and not overpowered. The Swiss cheese taste also stood out. The only thing I can say about this is that it would have been nice to have the cheese more infused rather than just as a slice underneath the egg.

    We also split the fruit salad plate ($7.00), which had a large portion of fruit, a side of yogourt and a side of granola. This dish was healthy, filling and vegetarian friendly. It was a nice accompaniment to the meal and it’s always nice to have some good vegetarian and health conscious items on a menu.


    Interaction with the waiter was very limited. The guy who took our order at the cash was nice and my friend who goes there often keeps saying how the staff is really cool. My experience with service was limited, but you can take her word for it.


    More than half the menu is vegetarian friendly and there is also a sandwich section and a salad section which are decently priced proving, once again, that you do not need to pay a fortune to eat vegetarian or healthy food.

    Wrap up

    This place is really chill and laid back. The food was good and well priced. I would have loved to get free coffee refills or have it included but even after you factor that in, the prices are still very good. I love the fact that it is open 7 days a week and that they have WiFi. It is definitely a nice hangout if you are a student or if you just want a good coffee and meal. There menu is rather short, although it does cover some staple items the kitchen is small so don’t expect any crazy brunch concoctions, but do expect honest, tasty, and well priced dishes.

    151, Rue Rachel Est
    Montreal Qc,
    H2W 1E1
    (514) 903-9294

    Mon-Fri 8:00-15:00
    Sat-Sun 9:00-15:00


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    Bottomless Cup Of Coffee NO
    Credit Cards YES
    Web Site YES
    Debit Card YES
    Kid Menu NO
    Vegetarian Friendly YES

    Price $-$$ $5-$10
    Overall 3.5/5
    Wheelchair Access NO 0/3

    Parking Meter & Street




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    Mont Royal

    7 minutes

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