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A Table

A Table – Nuevo Latino success yet again

The 411

Last year I had the pleasure of checking out Madre, which is one of the restaurants of Mario Navarette Jr, a chef who does Nuevo latino style of cooking. Madre was a hit and is one of my favourite brunch experiences so, when I heard that he had another place that did brunch by the name of A table, I needed to check it out. Situated on Fleury, in the Ahuntsic area, A Table is not in it the usual spots you would expect a cutting edge restaurant to be. Often we picture the Plateau, Mile End or Old Port but this location choice is quite interesting.




Breakfast on the go

The 411

Often we find ourselves rushing off to work in the morning without the time to eat a real breakfast. I myself value those extra few minutes of sleep, as opposed to sitting down and spending that time fueling up for the rest of the day, so the concept of a real breakfast on the go seemed like an interesting idea so I went off to see how it worked.

At 1st glance

Once you walk in you notice you are a half floor up from the street level, giving you an excellent vantage point for people watching if you wish to sit down and eat. Both the east and west wall have a mural of a black and white photograph of what De Maisoneuve would look like if there was no wall blocking the view. It’s pretty cool and if you look at the west wall you can see a photoshoped license plate with the resto’s name on it. Wrapcity is in essence both a sit down and a to go concept; they also have digital menu boards at the counter with the menu displayed on 3 LCD’s as well as 3 LCD’s on the east and west side showing TV programs. (more…)

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